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Unlock new sales channels and enhance customer engagement with our ecommerce app solutions.

Seamlessly integrated with leading ecommerce platforms, our white-label apps will elevate your brand's presence, empower customer loyalty and drive aditional sales


OPEN a new sales channel EFFORTLESS

MoonShadow is natively integrated with several e-commerce platforms, making it easy for you to create and publish your app on iOS and Android.

Our platform streamlines sales, payments, and shipments,
all managed seamlessly from your existing e-commerce backend


Multiply your online sales


Enhance customer loyalty


Direct communication Push Notifications

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Why us

Experienced team with extensive experience in softwore, e-commerce and technology. Our proffesionals combine industry expertise with passion for cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the delivery of innovative and scalable solutions. 

eCommerce App in 2 weeks

Effortless Integration
Telier offers seamless integration with your existing e-commerce platform, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

No Programming Required:
Our intuitive app editor allows your marketing team to manage the app without the need for programming skills, saving you time and resources.

Top-notch User Experience
Telier ensures a superior user experience with intuitive navigation and design, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Tailor your app to perfection

With the Moonshadow platform, you will be able to customize your app's Home Page, Menus, Header, Footer, and more. Shape your app's usability exactly how you envision it.

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Harness the Potential of Push Notifications

 Engage with your customers directly, whether it's to share promotions, recover abandoned carts, announce news, distribute birthday discounts, or execute any marketing initiative seamlessly.


Unlock the Power of Analytics

Gain insights into your app's performance with comprehensive reporting tools and Analytics4 integration. Utilize QR codes for encorauge app downloads and track user engagement with ease.

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Boost your conversion rates

Streamline User Access
Simplify user registration and enhance conversion rates with seamless social login options, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Apple.

Effortless Checkout
Improve user experience with one-click checkout integration, compatible with the latest checkout technologies.


How My App Would look like?

Ask for your demo today and let's start building your next sales channel

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